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Dear Dr.Ellie, 
Have you ever used “One Drop Only” mouthwash which is made of natural ingredients (and is over 60 years in existence) and would you recommend it as part of your mouth hygiene system? If so, how should it be used? Thank you for your time. I find your book very helpful and informative. Thank you. – J
Hi J,
Thank you for your question about “one drop only”.
I don’t know much about this product – but the list of ingredients seems safe, and may maintain the oral health of someone who already has good teeth and gums – someone who simply needs to keep them that way. My system works to stop, prevent and reverse gum disease and tooth damage (erosion and cavities).
My system is the answer for people who already have fillings, gum disease or tooth problems.
My system is a bit more complicated but if you need to stop disease, prevent damage and help reverse mouth problems – then my system can help with all these things. For someone with very good teeth, who is at low risk for tooth damage, there may be a number of good products to use, including xylitol, this product or perhaps old fashioned Crest toothpaste! Thanks so much for your interest – I am glad you enjoyed my book.Best wishes,

Dr. Ellie

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  • Brian F says:

    My 7 year old daughter likes to suck on ice cubes as a snack between meals. She is instructed not to chew on them. Is this okay? It is at least keeping her mouth moist.

    The information in you book was wonderful. We just started the teeth cleaning system one week ago. I wish I would have learned this 7 years ago to better help our daughter’s teeth. She has had already 11 cavities filled and the dentist is saying there are more to go. We have seen three different dentists hoping one would say the others were wrong, but that didn’t happen. We are 100% into the program and hoping that it helps. At what point do you say, okay we better get that tooth looked at or succumb to getting it filled?

    Also, are UV toothbrush sanitizers good to use?


    • Hi Brian, Thanks for your message. Eleven cavities for a seven year old is ( dentally) very serious. This probably means that your daughter’s new adult molars have cavities in their occlusal ( biting) surfaces. Xylitol is without doubt the most important thing she (and your entire family) should be using. Try to have Zellies products – mints, gum or bears, with frequency and at the end of every meal.

      The second most important thing to do is limit all drinks to meal times. It concerns me that a 7 year old is sucking on ice cubes. This is not something I am familiar with – after 30 years as a Pediatric dentist. My initial thought is to wonder if perhaps her mouth feels “hot” . This makes me worried that the toothpaste she has been using may have caused a reaction in her mouth ( pastes like Colgate Total or Crest Pro-Health can do this) or there may be an underlying systemic problem, like diabetes. It may be worth touching base with your Pediatrician and ask him or her about the habit. I don’t believe sucking ice cubes will damage teeth – but it raises a flag – and I’d like to see it stop.

      The complete mouth care system will help your 7 year old daughter, especially if she uses it every morning and night. I know how hard it is to get kids to do this – especially if your daughter is not on board with the idea. At very least, ensure she is using Crest Cavity Protection toothpaste and ACT dilute fluoride rinse. Then gradually add the rest of the products, which will be easier when she is encouraged and begins to see positive results.

      I do not believe a UV sanitizer is adequate – particularly for a family that has cavities or any sign of gum disease. This sanitization may be OK if everyone in the family/community has great teeth and no dental issues. I like to clean the brushes with Listerine, then rinse them out and dry in a sunny window if possible!

      If you need more advice about which teeth to fill and which ones to leave – I would need much more information and probably some photos. If you think this kind of information would be helpful – you may want to consider a short half-hour Dr E Coaching session. Let us know. Here is a link to the coaching sessions:

      • Brian F says:

        Thank you for your reply. Currently my daughter is complying with the program, and her teeth seem whiter from the start, and one of her permanent teeth in the front bottom she states feels less wobbly.

        She was using a kid’s bubble gum flavored toothpaste. After reading your book I read the ingredients, and it contained sorbitol. We switched a few days ago to crest paste as you suggest. It is a little spicy for her but I do not use that much, and she can tolerate it.

        Interesting thought about a hot mouth. As far as I know there are no other diabetic symptoms. I can take her temperature and see if it is slightly elevated.

        I may take you up on the coaching. I appreciate the advice.


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