Q&A with Dr. Ellie: Damage caused by bleaching treatment

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Q: Hello Dr Ellie:

I live in Colorado, and I really need your help. I have been reading about you and the system that you use for good oral health. I have some concerns. I had a bleaching treatment done a little less than a year ago. And since that bleaching treatment my teeth do not feel nor look the same. They have a rough feeling to them. I have gone to many dentist here in Colorado to try and get help and figure out what could of happened. So far I have not had much luck and I am extremely worried about this. It is something that keeps me up at night. The only thing that I was told was that it seemed that the enamel had an etched appearance. Just on the superficial layer. My teeth are not sensitive at all at this point but the feeling of roughness bothers me, I did have a dentist try and polish my teeth to see if this helped but not much luck there. Two other dentists suggested veneers, which I don’t want to do because they are too aggressive and too expensive. I don’t think that my teeth are that bad in condition to have to consider something like this. At this point I don’t believe much in dentists. It makes me think that all they want is money. I do not have dental insurance so this is why I am looking to see if my teeth can be repaired more naturally. By the way. I also have some white spots from when I had braces. I need your help. Do you think your system is something that could help me?? If you could please get back to me I would appreciate it.

A: Dear L,
My system of care is EXACTLY what you need!!! The mouth rinses are simple and this is easy to use – but it is HOW you use the products that makes this system work.
You must have exactly the correct rinses and paste and use them in the exact and correct method.50% of the improvement will come from using enough xylitol each day and 50% from using the rinse system twice a day.
Protect your teeth with xylitol after any snacks and drinks that may be acidic – including herbal and green teas.

Once you have started with xylitol and my system of rinsing – then let me know how things are going and how quickly your teeth feel better.

I will possibly suggest you think about some supplements to your diet and also probiotics – but let’s get started with the system first!!

Best wishes,

Dr. Ellie

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  • Fillette Halley says:

    Hi Dr. Ellie, I would like to know if your mouthcare system will help my enamel crack in my teeth?
    Last month I got hit in the front tooth and the other tooth next to it by a softball, But I just recently visited my dentist last week and she told me it’s nothing to worry about it’s just the outer layer of my teeth (so I came to the conclusion that it was my enamel), I don’t remember asking if it was enamel or not, but I asked her if any damage was done to my dentine and she said no, just the outer layer. She even took an X-ray. I really don’t want to give up sports. Is there any tips and advice you can give me to help my teeth? I’m 17. And you can only see the enamel crack if you really come up close to my face.

    • The outside of a tooth is made from inorganic crystals built around a collagen lattice. Because this enamel layer is not “living” it can easily regrow – providing it has the correct “ingredients” and providing the teeth are surrounded by the correct saliva pH ( non-acidic).
      I’d suggest you use the Complete Mouth Care System – but at least use Crest Cavity Protection toothpaste and ACT along with regular use of xylitol at the end of every meal, snack and drink. You have nothing to loose – and you may find those cracks heal themselves.

  • Fillette Halley says:

    Thank you for the answer, by the way it’s a horizontal crack not vertical.. I will message you back in about 7 months and let you know my results 🙂

  • Fillette Halley says:

    But how long will it take to heak completely?

  • Fillette Halley says:


  • Fillette Halley says:

    And I’ve heard that oil pulling might work? What are your ideas on this type of treatment.. I also have a few small cavities forming in some of my teeth

  • Terri says:

    I’m a firm believer in your program and have seen it work for me iover past 7+ years I f I chew the gum religiously. My new Nespresso coffee pods have turned my teeth yellow. Ive been doing your program for years, but got lazy with the zellies gum. Is the new Listerine Healthy White with whitening ok to use for this program? If not I’ll need to chew Zillow’s gum each morning after coffee and see if that will help.

    • Terri says:

      Also want to know what will help with gum recession?

      • Gum recession and sensitivity are signs that your mouth is out of balance. Often this is a consequence following antibiotic use (even if the antibiotic was for reasons not related to the mouth).
        To be healthy, your mouth needs a strong mix of healthy bacteria – and they get wiped out by certain oral care products (whitening products, baking soda, having too many cleanings at the dentist etc.)
        The answer is to feed and promote good mouth bacteria – and then the gums grow back quite quickly – usually in a matter of months.
        My next book, Mouth Care Comes Clean, will publish soon and will talk about this in detail.
        I get clients to start with their digestive health – using good probiotics, add butter and vegetables to their diet, and be sure to have enough vitamins and minerals to support the immune system.
        Next, we check the way they brush their gums – and the kind of brush they are using. Let me know if you need more help. I will be launching a video program about this very problem soon and you can sign up here: https://drellie.com/programs/

    • Don’t change from using the original or Cool Mint Listerine!!!
      Never get duped into artificially “whitening” your teeth by anyone or any product!!! Healthy, WHITE-looking teeth are STRONG teeth. Teeth become strong when we do two things:
      1) protect them from acidic damage (especially damage from sipping coffee, tea, drinks etc)
      2) build up their strength with twice daily EXACT use of my Complete Mouth Care System and also give your teeth time to interact with the natural saliva liquids in your mouth every day. STOP sipping anything – even water which dilutes saliva – for several hours every afternoon. Minerals from your saliva will go INTO your teeth and naturally whiten them. This is a dynamic process – so it can occur at any age. Your tooth color getting darker indicates more damage than repair – so YOU must tip the balance and change this damage equation with 1) using Zellie’s xylitol as the best tooth protection FROM damage and 2) My Complete Mouth Care system – twice a day and always before sleeping at night.

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