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Dear Dr. Ellie,I have been using your complete dental care program for just over 3 weeks and my teeth/mouth have never felt so clean! I also noticed that there is no hard plaque build-up on the inside of my 3 center lower teeth. Usually the build-up starts shortly after my teeth cleaning, which I had shortly before beginning your program. So I am very happy and hope that this can resolve my periodontal disease.

I just finished reading your book…excellent and easy to read. I have just a few questions if you don’t mind. I would be happy to pay for your advice; I don’t expect you to work for free. Let me know.

On page 78 you say that for deep gum pockets, use the Closys rinse for 2-3 minutes instead of the usual one minute. The pockets in my upper rear left gums are 4-6mm…..should I use Closys for longer time?

Can I use the ACT rinse after lunch or snacks?

My filtered water is pH 5.5, acidic. I try to drink 2 quarts of water a day. Can I use one xylitol packet in each quart and sip or is that too diluted?

My mouth pH this morning was about 6.6 but I have a cold so don’t know if accurate…will check in a few days.

Tea – you say on pg 141 that tea has polyphenols which control mouth bacteria. I thought you had told me to only drink my herbal tea with meals because of the phytates. Can I put xylitol in my herbal tea?

Thank you so much for your help.


Hi PH,

Since writing my book – I have done more experimenting with timing the rinses.

One Minute
Of course, this was not a clinical trial – but I had a number of my clients “play” with the length of their rinsing and report results.
We all agreed that one minute with each rinse seems to give ideal results ( although some found they cannot tolerate one minute with Listerine – so they do it for 30-60 seconds – which is fine).
One minute with Closys – one minute with ACT – makes your mouth feel even “cleaner” than using them for longer – and we think this timing makes our teeth whiter.

Tip your head
To target pocketing – I think it is important to “tip” your head – so that the Closys has a chance to wash over this area.
If your gum problems are in the front, for example, make sure the front teeth have a bath in the Closys.
For your upper right – ensure you “tip” your head to the upper right for a minute or two.

To eliminate pocketing – let the rinses do their work – don’t try to add extra things like the Waterpik etc – it seems to stop the healing.
Let the rinses and xylitol work their magic!

Four More Ideas
Four things that may additionally help heal pocketing ( these are not mentioned in my first book – yes, I am writing a follow up with details of nutrition etc !!):

1. Brush your GUMS when you “brush” your “teeth”. The rinses and xylitol clean teeth – so the need is to brush / MASSAGE the gums – get the circulation moving – on the inside ( palate side and by the tongue ) and on the outside (in the cheek area – as far back as your jaw joint – up high – close to your EAR!!!) Brush gums far back – you may need to close up your mouth a bit – so your cheek is “floppier” to allow the toothbrush access to this area.

2. Consider adding a probiotic to your diet – take a probiotic first thing in the morning – maybe with a little yogurt and any supplements you normally take – to start every day!

3. Add one teaspoon of xylitol to water every morning – and sip this during the morning. I think the “solution” of xylitol sipped slowly is very good for periodontal issues – then have a Zellies mint or gum after meals to complete the rest of the day. This way you will ensure you have “enough” xylitol ( 6-10 grams) but I have come to believe the “solution” is very helpful to gums – and the mints / gum work more to help teeth. A little of both – voila!

4. If you have any sinus or nasal allergies etc – I believe this can be connected to gum problems. Xlear make a nasal spray that is excellent and I suggest using this – two squirts at night and again in the morning. If you have really bad problems do it again during the day. The effects are progressive – don’t expect Xclear to work like a  pharmaceutical product – this is xylitol in saline – it works naturally to clear and decongest sinuses. Xylitol is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial – and I believe that this is why it works.

Hope these four suggestions will put the end to your gum problems. Please let me know how this goes!

I think all the readers of Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye will like my  “next level” book with suggestions about oral health.

I have to hurry up and get this book finished – and maybe decide what kind of title to give this one – any ideas?

Best wishes,

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