Product Spotlight: Granular Xylitol

Xylitol has a long history of use and was an ancient Chinese herbal remedy. More recently, xylitol was a familiar I-V for diabetics in surgery. Doctors noticed  xylitol stabilized blood glucose and kept diabetics safe during stressful times.

During World War II Europe suffered a sugar shortage and this stimulated the production of xylitol in Scandinavia, not for diabetics, but as a table sweetener for everyone. After several years, doctors noticed people had better teeth and children who ate xylitol regularly had 42% less ear infections.xylitol stabilized blood glucose and kept diabetics safe during stressful times.

Dentists and doctors began to study xylitol and became aware of its many benefits. Most of the studies used chewing gum and candies made from xylitol – but beneficial effects are also seen with granular xylitol crystals. The important fact is that xylitol can reduce plaque if you have 6-10 grams daily, preferably in frequent small amounts. It does not matter how xylitol is consumed ~ as a candy, gum or granular.

QUICK FACT: Granular xylitol dissolves in room-temperature water – but not in chilled water. You can chill Zellie-water once it has been made and it will remain dissolved.

Granular Xylitol for Cleaning Teeth

Dissolve 1/8th teaspoon in ½ oz water and brush or wipe this solution over baby’s gums or over children’s teeth. Alternatively you can dip a clean toothbrush into a few xylitol crystals and brush these over teeth to remove plaque.

Using Granular Xylitol to Make an Oral Health Drink

Dissolve ½ or 1 teaspoon of xylitol crystals in room temperature water and shake or stir. Chill only after dissolving the crystals. This drink is best when sipped slowly between meals – during the day or on a nightstand if you have a dry mouth while sleeping.

Athletes may select this drink for work out sessions, since xylitol has an effect to prevent catabolic breakdown of muscle:

Granular Xylitol for the Care of the Elderly or Disabled

Xylitol used frequently will loosen plaque and control bacteria for improved gum and tooth health. Granular xylitol can be used to sweeten foods or in water as an oral health drink to sip between meals. It may be made into a solution to wipe or brush onto teeth or added to Thick-It 2 to create a texture for eating at the end of a meal.

Granular Xylitol for Thrush, Candida and Other Fungal Infections

Granular xylitol can be eaten off a spoon or on fruit (dip a strawberry into xylitol crystals!). Granular xylitol can be added to organic whole milk yogurts as a probiotic food. Xylitol will work both as an anti-fungal agent and also to promote healthy bacteria in the mouth and digestive tract.

Granular Xylitol for Baking and Diabetics

Granular xylitol can be used in many recipes as a natural and diabetic alternative for sugar. Xylitol inactivates yeast – so it cannot be used in breads or other yeast recipes. The oral benefits from xylitol are greatest when it is eaten at the end or between meals, rather than adding it to drinks or foods. Check out the recipe book: Sweeten Your Life the Xylitol Way by Karen Edwards.


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