Finding a Preventative Minded Dentist

Dear Dr. Ellie:

I have had dental problems for many years, and am now following the regime in your book

which I find a very refreshing outlook on dentistry. How do I find a dentist who is

sympathetic to your principles, and will only

do work on my teeth that is essential?

I live on the south coast of England, UK.

– G

Hi G,

This is a good question and I am happy to explain how I try to find a dentist here in the US, when people ask me this.

I think you may not find many people from the UK with this method, so I am happy to do some research on your behalf and try to find you someone near your home town in England.

Usually I start by looking for someone who is a member of AAOSH (
I view these dentists as pioneer types who care a lot about their patients and are motivated to be a member of an organization that at present offers no financial incentive to them.

Next I search the Oral DNA testing site ( ) and finally the Veloscope site ( for similar reasons).

Together this gives me a very short list of people who I imagine should be forward thinking, caring and prepared to spend money in the best interest of his or her patients.
I see that as a profile of a great dental professional.

I know this is not really scientific so I then follow up with a personal email or telephone conversation with everyone on the short list.

I usually ask if they recommend xylitol and what they think of it.
This is the best question – since a keen interest is what I am looking for – and a half-hearted response won’t do!

I am happy to investigate in your area of the UK if you can give me a few more specifics about how far you could travel etc – general area of interest etc.

Best wishes,

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