Q&A with Dr. Ellie: Xylitol and Fruit/Cucumber Water Question

Hello Dr. Ellie,
I’m wanting to add Xylitol into my daily water consumption, but I also like to add fresh strawberries, cucumber, or lemon to my water when I want some extra flavor. Would that in any way hinder the benefits of the Xylitol? I want to make sure that I get the full benefits of the Xylitol.Thank you for all the research and time you spend answering the questions of your readers, your blog is amazing! What a great resource!Cheers,
Hi B,Generally I suggest you drink your favorite drinks during a meal – and then finish with some xylitol!
Strawberries are alkaline and so is cucumber – but lemon is very acidic and will damage your enamel.

To be safe, it is better to consume a little xylitol after every meal or drink.
Putting xylitol into an acidic drink will not be enough to negate the acidity.

Hope this helps,

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