GC MI Paste and NovaMin

Dear Dr. Ellie:

What do you think of the GC MI Paste from Japan. Uses Recaldent, and they claim its PH is OK for the mouth. Helps to remineralize teeth with calcium and phosphoros, and help sensitivities.

Also what do you think of NovaMin? Just purchased by Sensodyne, but there are a few products that still have it. Dr Collins for one.


Dear GC:

Yes, calcium and phosphate is needed to remineralize teeth.
We have known for decades that cheese and other whole-milk diary products provide these minerals for teeth.

Mi paste is basically an expensive paste made from milk powder and my hunch is that natural dairy products work better! The studies on MI paste are flimsy and I have yet to find anyone raving about the results.

The advertising for this product is glossy and prominent – but remember the ADA owns the Intellectual Property on Novamin – so of course it is excited about selling the product! If you use xylitol and my mouth care system – I believe that sensitivity and other dental problems will be resolved more naturally and more permanently.

-Dr. Ellie

More information can be found on this topic and more at: www.drellie.com

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