Q&A with Dr. Ellie: Flossing

Hi, I don’t seem to see any reference to flossing.Flossing seems to be the most important step. Is that true or false?Thank you, G————–

Hi G,

Sorry to burst your bubble – but there is not one single randomized clinical trial to show that flossing stops cavities.

Amazed – but wait – there is more to the story!Check out and you will find that a “flossing lobby” exists – which is very interesting – don’t you think?
Who funds this lobby? I don’t know and could never find out.If you did brush and floss perfectly – you could only remove 40% of plaque from your mouth – whereas the use of xylitol in adequate amounts removes 98% plaque and at the same time encourages healthy bacteria to live in your mouth and protect your gums and teeth. Xylitol has no “xylitol lobby” and most of the xylitol companies are small and without a voice.Flossing removes bits of food from teeth – but germs create cavity and gum problems – so it is germs that must be addressed for oral health. I have never flossed and yet have excellent oral health. Many people floss, yet continue to experience cavities, gum disease and problems that never end.

If you like to floss, flossing may not be a problem (that depends on how well you do it).
Just don’t rely on it to help you, and be aware it can cause damage to your gums and even create a bacterial spread into your blood stream ~ which could be damaging for your heart if your gums are in bad shape.

Hope this explains!

Best wishes,

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