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Dear Dr. Ellie,

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and taking your time to answer all the questions. I am so glad I found your book. I knew there had to be a better answer to my dental problems (despite good oral hygiene) then “it’s in your genes” that I was given by my dentists. I have shared your system with my family and close friends and everyone loves it!!!! I just wish your book was translated into other languages so they could read it themselves.

I have few questions I would like to ask you and would greatly appreciate you answer. I have been using your system since July of 2011 and have seen many improvements. However 3 days ago I started experiencing teeth sensitivity. Not only to cold or hot but when biting and eating food in general. Would you have any advice as to why or what else can I do to stop it. Also, since I had braces removed 2 years ago I have to wear retainers during the night. I was told to just rinse them with water and air dry. Is this a good practice or should I rinse them in a solution. And finally my last question. I have fillings in tooth #3 and 4 that cracked. I have no pain, but my dentist states I have to get crowns there now. I really don’t want that and would rather have new fillings. I know you have not examined my teeth but could you recommend something.

I greatly appreciate you taking your valuable time to read and answer the questions.


Hi B,

Thank you for your message and I will do my best to answer your questions – without the benefit of talking to you about your diet, or things that may have changed in your life etc.

Your first question is about sudden sensitivity that has occurred while using “my program”.

1. I suggest you check that you are using EXACTLY the correct mouth care products in the correct order – ( for example, ensuring that you have not purchased the wrong toothpaste by mistake.)
Ensure that you do not have a different brand, and that you have not picked up tartar control or whitening etc by accident.

2. Ensure you are getting enough xylitol each day – and always using xylitol to protect your teeth AFTER EVERYTHING that you eat or drink – ( especially after herbal teas, fruit juices or coffee). It is better NOT to put xylitol INTO these drinks – but to enjoy a xylitol mint or some xylitol in some other form to protect your teeth AFTER having your teas, coffee etc.

3. Ensure you are eating enough proteins and have a good diet. It sounds as if something has “dissolved” or “harmed” your healthy pellicle layer. Pellicle is a waxy protein layer that protects teeth and stops them from feeling sensitive. Any use of baking soda, citrus fruits, peroxide, harsh oral care products, stress or long periods of dry mouth can cause this pellicle layer to be damaged. If you are using my system of care, and getting protection from adequate amounts of xylitol – it usually reforms again within a few days.

Remember that this layer is formed out of proteins in saliva – so you need to be eating a good protein-containing diet and providing new healthy mouth bacteria – which can intermesh in the protein strands. This is where probiotics and good organic yogurt or cheeses can help stimulate the formation of this layer back over your teeth to protect them.

So check you are using everything correctly (brand etc.) You can send me a picture of your products if you like – or look at the images on the home page of to ensure you have similar looking products on your own bathroom shelf! Also ensure you are using enough xylitol to protect your teeth each day. Finally use probiotics and also increase the amount of organic dairy and fresh pineapple in your diet – these foods help stimulate healing.

As for your fillings that are broken – I would need to see pictures of these before I could give any worthwhile advice – again, you may send a photo if you like.

Best wishes,
Dr.Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health

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