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Dr. Ellie-

I have been following your program for about 16 months. I have noticed reduced sensitivity in my teeth and they feel stronger (I used to get intermittent pain around my molars), but they really don’t LOOK any healthier. I’m not vain, but I’m starting to wonder if I might be doing something wrong because I thought one of the outcomes of your program should be whitening. I did read about the dark line at the gums being dead plaque (yipee!), so I’m more concerned about the general yellowness and darker spots in the middle of my front teeth.

After reading much of your blog, I would think my problem is more acidity than dry mouth (but how do you know?). My last dental visit was Aug 2010 (saw a new dentist and it was bad… 12 cavities and periodontal disease, after 30 years of great dental health!…) but I haven’t done anything since except get on your protocol. I’m quite anxious to see what they find this time and I have high hopes for great improvement.

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Hi MH,

The outcome for teeth is always the result of a simple equation:

(how much repair and help your teeth are given every day) minus (how much damage they endure) = quality of your teeth!

The important factor is the LENGH OF TIME your teeth are damaged vs. the LENGTH OF TIME they are helped and healed.

1. The help you give them comes from diet, using the mouth rinses, and eating Zellies and xylitol.
If you use the mouth rinse system at night and do not eat or drink again after using it – the chances are that for many hours you will derive benefit from the rinse residue.

2. The damage is varied for every person – and depends again on diet ( especially what you drink and this is even more so if you sip your drinks).

There are also factors like the quality of your saliva ( your saliva may be acidic or poor quality) and if you breathe through your mouth, or your mouth gets dry etc.

I am happy to consult with you if that would be helpful.
We would run through both sides of this equation above – to figure out what is helping your teeth and what is damaging them. You can make a list of these things on your own and maybe this will help you “tip the balance” – because that is what you need to do….more healing and less damage!

One thing to know: eating a Zellies mint will be far more helpful for your teeth than xylitol dissolved in water.  The reason for this is that as you eat the mints – they stimulate a flow of alkaline saliva into your mouth – and this saliva has minerals necessary for strengthening teeth – which is the way to improve the color of your teeth.

Using xylitol dissolved in water is a great way to “beat down” infection or harmful plaque bacteria in your mouth – the constant sipping is feeding the helpful bacteria and making the harmful ones disappear.

I suggest a mix and match approach if your are fighting periodontal disease and if want your teeth to look great!

Helpful foods are cheese, organic dairy and especially fermented dairy like organic yogurt.
Be careful of the length of time your teeth are in contact with tea ( phytates in the tea leaves can work against teeth) and also soy ( also contains phytates that work against teeth). Other problems are acidic drinks like coffee, citrus drinks, citrus water, almond milk etc. You can still enjoy these foods and drinks – but have them DURING meal and end the meal with a Zellie mint ( so that the “damage” comes to an end).

Baking soda and peroxide will keep putting you back to zero in this game of making teeth stronger.

Maybe these pointers will help you “tip the balance” and if you need more help – I am sure we can work this out in a half hour consult.

Best wishes and please let me know if this was helpful,

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