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Dear Dr. Ellie

My son is 22mo old. We have always, and still breast feed. He has never had a bottle. Rarely does he eat any refined sugar and very minimal processed foods. I brush his teeth with Toms silly strawberry toothpaste. I’ve noticed a brown spot at the gum line on one of his from teeth. He’s never been to the dentist, and honestly, I don’t feel comfortable taking him now if we can help it. He screams at the doctor, I can’t imagine the dentist. What can I do to remineralize the tooth. I’ve read taking d3, calcium, xylitol, floride and cod liver oil. But I don’t know how much or where to start. Thanks for any feedback.


Hi MH,

Thank you for your request for help with your toddler’s teeth.
I would be able to advise you more completely if I were to see a picture of this brown spot.

You are correct to worry that this may be decay. The good news is that there are ways to prevent this getting worse and potentially reverse the problem, if you begin early.

I suggest you use only xylitol to clean your child’s teeth – there are NO CHILDREN’S toothpaste that I recommend. I believe that it is better to use granular xylitol and make a solution of the xylitol crystals in water – then brush this solution onto his teeth.

You need at least 5 exposures to xylitol each day to eliminate cavity bacteria.

If you would like some personalized help – I offer time on the phone to discuss all aspects of this problem with you. The place to request this is on my coaching website

I would be happy to help you.
Best wishes,

Dr.Ellie Phillips DDS
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