No Flossing?

I was introduced to your protocol by Merritt Wellness Center and have been using it for about 3 weeks. My teeth feel great!  I am curious as to why you don’t talk about flossing at all in the protocol. Any reason why?

thanks so much,
 – S

Hi S,

There is no quick response – but I will try and cover the main points – ask me if you want expansion on any of these!

If a trained hygienist with excellent flossing and brushing skills were to try and clean her mouth with brush and floss – the best she would do is remove 40% of the plaque in her mouth.

The problem is that plaque germs are on the skin of your mouth, on your tongue and also floating in saliva.

Flossing cannot get rid of this.

Using appropriate amounts of xylitol has been shown (over a period of 6 months) to remove 98% of plaque from the mouth, saliva, and teeth! When plaque is 98% gone – what are you flossing?

The mouth rinses that I recommend ensure that the mouth and teeth remain “clean” also.
I worry that for some people flossing can cause damage. If your gums bleed then you may be opening up a wound into which germs can enter the body. If you have gum recession – flossing may be preventing its re-growth and healing.

There is not one single randomized clinical trial to show that flossing prevents cavities!!


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  • Anonymous says:

    I am still confused on whether I need to take a zellie after drinking water. I drink water all day long (tap and Nestle Pure Life). If these are acidic water then I guess I am exposing myself to mouth acidity and not protecting myself accordingly. Should I test the pH of my water or would it be OK to just take a zellie here or there while sipping the water all day long? I cannot afford Figi or Evian; they are simply too expensive.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    You could eat a Zellie mints here and there – or how about putting a teaspoon of xylitol into the water that you drink?A one pound bag ( 112 teaspoons) is only around $10Dr.Ellie Phillips DDSSolutions for Oral

  • Ana says:

    I can not use your system due to all the chemicals, they reek havoc on my gut and immune system, I have gone holistic. That said I need to rebuild my teeth, amazing no cavities. I currently use baking soda water with tumeric, not baking soda by itself too abrasive, I use Mudmouth paste with xylitol through out the day, if my dry mouth (56yrs, & post menapause) flares up I use myrrh with coconut oil resting in the mouth, and it works like a charm and gums are almost normal not receeding. I oil pull daily 2x and have no junk food at all in my diet, raw local honey is the only sweet thing ever and never heat it I also use charcoal in the mouth once a week for cleaning and then spit. I went to a holistic dds yesterday, no bad germs floating around and no cavities but we will replace all the poor quality fillings with ceramic after a bio-compatibility test, I refuse to take any more chances, for far too long reg. western medicine has poisoned me with their meds and failure to assess me holistically, not sure why we all have to eat and live here. My question is what do you recommend for those with allergies, rh- blood with sensitivities when they can not use your recomended chemicals? I am also spending more time in the sun carefuly of course and up the D3 appropriately, I want to return to my before 12 years of age perfect teeth and health, if God will bless me. Any recommendations? Thanks.

    • I always suggest using a little xylitol at the end of every meal, snack and drink. Gradually your mouth and gut health will improve. You could start with a tiny amount of granular xylitol – although Zellie’s mints and gum are more convenient and delicious!

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