Children and Cavities

Dear Dr Ellie, 

Thank you very much for your reply and advice, I very much appreciate it. Since researching and trying some Xylitol (Spry brand available in Australia) I have had some concerns – mainly because I experienced headaches using it. Obviously my 20 mth old son couldn’t express any such discomforts, although he began to spit the candies out rather than indulge in them. I have been discussing this on the alternativekidsteeth site and some people gain the advice to 1. perhaps not use the China manufactured Xylitol and 2.not ingest it if concerned.. (Everyone also seems to use cell salts as well – which I don’t know how safe are for toddlers either..) ( i have used for myself in the past)

I like both of these suggestions because I did feel a remarkable result on my teeth from using Xylitiol for just over a day. I will try perhaps putting some crystals on his teeth.

I did get some Spry teeth gel and later heard that you discouraged this because it was abrasive – perhaps this is because of the grape seed extract?

Thank you again for your time. I wish i could feel absolutely confident about the safety of Xylitol, there is just something that does not quite sit well for me. However , I am very worried about my son’s cavities, enough to try a little for the moment.

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I am not here to persuade you – and obviously you cannot purchase my products – so I have no monetary gain!

Look closely at the potential risks from filling materials ( BPA in white, heavy metals in crowns, toxic root canal fillers, mercury in amalgam).

Also realize that mouth germs get into your heart and joints and they can also cause other kinds of body damage. This is a transmissible infection with very far reaching consequences – this is NOT about a cavity – it is about the fact you MUST ( as a family) work to achieve mouth HEALTH.

If someone is offering advice – make sure they have some years of history ( at least 30+) and then ask how are their teeth, their children’s teeth – their mother’s teeth.
Xylitol + the system I recommend is the only way I know to achieve total oral health.

Read my book, read my blog, read and read.
Ask questions of those who tell you to ignore what I say – HOW ARE THEIR TEETH year after year.

I greatly respect one of the “kings” of holistic advice – Dr. Mercola (
However, even Dr. M says that he has calculus, tartar and plaque build up that is so bad he goes to the dentist every MONTH for cleanings!

That is crazy stuff – and I think HE should give xylitol and my system a try! The toxicity from this kind of bad oral health is very damaging.

You will have to work this out yourself – but don’t forget the goal.
I think you will see from the posts on my blog and website links that a lot of very smart ( and holistic minded) people are using my system!

Here is a great testimonial on in the “flossing and brushing” post – at the end of this link:

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Dr.Ellie Phillips DDS

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