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Dear Dr. Ellie:

I am going to hang in there.  What is making it harder is that I still have pain/burning in those 8 front teeth which makes me constantly aware of them and triggers anxiety something fierce that I am going to loose those front teeth or need crowns. I wish I had found you and your system before I tried these stupid products and I would have more beautiful healthier teeth.  I am so mad at myself for doing this to my teeth but also mad at some of the professionals I went to that offered no solutions or worse bad  information like telling me to do oil pulling which was probably acidic as well…in sunlight they are still very yellow but better than before so let’s give it another few months…thank you for your patience with me.
 – S

Dear S:

I totally understand, but I think it may help you if you can make some notes and mark milestone dates on a calendar. It may be good for you to look at where you are on this map – or time line.

Mark your start date, then mark 6 months from your start date ( that is Phase ONE = stopping problems!)

Then mark in 6 months of prevention, registering this in monthly intervals -( Phase TWO- month one, Phase TWO- month two etc. etc..)

Then mark on your calendar where the stage of REPAIR really kicks in. This would be after one year of stopping problems and preventing damage.

When the repair kicks in – you will notice more improvements. This will be more exciting – but remember there will still be days when your teeth look better than other days.

We are dealing with nature – and we must be happy that this ebb and flow of minerals is the very reason we CAN repair teeth. I would love to see the dates in a list – and then you can send me pictures as you reach each of these milestones.

What do you think?

Best wishes,

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