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Dear Dr. Ellie:

Many thanks for your wonderful contributions to dentistry and oral health. About one week ago a was alerted to your book and system. I am in the midst of implementing it.

I am about to buy the ACT fluoride rinse and apparently they have changed the formulations of the cinammon and bubble gum flavors to include benzyl alcohol as the first inactive ingredient. Mint remains benzyl alcohol free. They still call all 3 of them alcohol free which I don\’t understand.

I am astounded that the dentistry community hasn’t adopted your system but I obviously don\’t know the politics involved.

I am curious what you think about the Nimbus toothbrushes. I find them fabulous.

Again, I am extremely appreciative of your efforts in developing this system and making it available.

Best regards,



Thanks so much for your message – yes, I WISH more dentists would try suggesting my system.
At the very least, they should recommend this to people who cannot afford their gum surgery, fillings etc.

This system is wonderful for people without insurance who cannot afford dental treatments.
What are unfortunate folks supposed to do when they cannot afford the suggested treatment plan? Walk out of the dental office and allow their oral health ( followed by their general health ) to deteriorate?

The benzyl alcohol in the ACT rinses is used as ” a preservative” according to the company.
I will always prefer to recommend the mint flavor – but if you hate mint – then I guess these are the next best alternatives.

We need ACT to sponsor this program and make a colorless, dye-less and alcohol-free rinse that works as a finishing rinse!!

On Nimbus – yes, a couple of other people have recently suggested these – and I am going to contact the company and potentially start recommending them ( I have to try one first!!)

In the meantime we have to work with what we have!
Thanks again for your comment and question.

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