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Hello Dr. Ellie,

Since speaking with you I have started brushing the way you instructed me too by using a circular motion at my gum line and have not had any bleeding as you told me I should expect.  Is this a good sign or should I be concerned if there is no bleeding?  I also have not seen any improvement in the color of my gums yet.  I have now been on the complete system of mouth rinses and xylitol for about a month and was wondering how long I should expect before seeing improvement?  I am trying to figure out what else may be keeping my gums from improving…  I have also ordered the xlear nasal spray you recommend and am excited to see if this improves my sinuses.

Another question I have is regarding my pockets.  I have read several testimonials on your web site stating that by using your system and xylitol they have dramatically improved, and this truly does give me hope!  I was wondering if there is a certain time frame for this healing to occur and if once the gums have healed if you have ever seen regrowth of bone in areas it has been lost?

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Hi EM,

I am happy to respond to your questions.

On the subject of bleeding gums: there are two separate conditions 1) Gingivitis and 2) Periodontal Disease

You cannot get Periodontal Disease unless you first had the initial condition “gingivitis”.

Gingivitis is easy to heal – when you clean away plaque using xylitol and a good oral care routine + brushing the gums.

Periodontal disease will not heal itself until 1) gingivitis is gone and 2) there has been enough time (about 2 months) without gingivitis (plus xylitol and my mouth rinse routine to keep the “pocket” clean).

1) Healing Gingivitis
If your gums bleed it shows that there is an irritation (infection) on the outside (mouth) surface of your gum – (where the gum and teeth meet).
This irritation comes from plaque poisons that soak into the gums.

When you have this irritation, your gums will bleed when you brush them.

It is important to keep this condition away ( no bleeding) for at least 2 months to allow periodontal (pocket) healing.

The fact that you can brush all around and not cause bleeding probably indicates that you no longer have gingivitis – which is great.

When you brush your gums,( and use xylitol and my rinses) you continue to keep your gums healthy.
Now this will allow the pockets below the gums to start their healing process.

Pocketing is a problem below the surface (UNDER the gums) – alongside the side of the roots of your teeth.

A “pocket” is the measured depth from the top of the gum DOWN (alongside) the tooth (root) to the bottom of the pocket.

You will know that you have healed gingivitis when you brush your gums and they no longer bleed.
People with gingivitis know when they have a problem because their gums bleed. Healthy gums do not bleed when they are brushed.

Periodontal healing takes more time and is less obvious.

People with periodontal disease don’t know they have a problem because there is no bleeding – because this is a different and more chronic condition.

Similarly you won’t know when it has healed – except when you go to the dentist and they announce how great your teeth are looking!

2) Periodontal Disease
Periodontal disease is really “pockets” down the sides of your teeth – filled with bad bacteria.
These are not normal plaque bacteria – but a variety of bacteria that live in the dark under the gum – where they cause great damage to the bone and even to your body.

Periodontal disease takes longer and is a lot trickier to heal than gingivitis The first step to periodontal healing is to get rid of gingivitis for at least 2 months.

To heal periodontal problems I believe you need to continue with everything that heals/prevents gingivitis PLUS extra dietary things that help skin and bone healing.

Probiotics, vitamins and supplements will help skin and bone healing – along with time.
Nature will be able to do the healing if you provide a clean environment plus the necessary nutrients for healing.

I suggest you wait another 4-6 weeks and in this time let me contact a few other dentists in your area and talk with them.

Best wishes,

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