Where to Find Closys

Hello. Please let me know if you sell CloSys separately.

Also, is the bottle of CloSys in the kit a 16 oz or 32 oz bottle?

And how long are we supposed to rinse with CloSys before brushing?

 – F

Hi F,

We are sorry but Zellies does not ship Closys as an individual item – only as part of the Complete Mouth Care Kit.

Walgreens Drug Stores around the US carry Closys rinse and this is usually the most convenient option – you may want to alert the manager that you will be a frequent customer if they keep the larger sizes in stock!

Many dental supply companies also sell Closys – and you may want to ask your dentist if he/she can supply you with product. Dentists can order the larger 64 oz size which can be a nice savings.

The other options are from Amazon and also directly from the company: http://www.rowpar.com
Rowpar often provides coupons that you can use in Walgreen stores.

Wishing you success in your search – please let us know if you run into any difficulties with these suggestions.

Best wishes,

More information can be found on this topic and more at: www.drellie.com

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  • Anonymous says:

    Closys can be ordered by anyone on denstist.net.

  • Anonymous says:

    Also sold at CVS in a large bottle

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