Healing Baby Teeth: Testimonial

Hi Dr. Ellie,Every month I take my grandson in to get fluoride varnish w/Xylitol on his teeth.

Last month [January] the hygienist was checking his mouth and then called the Dr, and they both were looking in my grandson’s mouth. Then the Dr. said, and I quote, “We’ll just have to wait and see what the x-rays say.”

He then said they could not find the “cavities” they had seen in Trenton’s teeth, and also that Trenton’s teeth were the cleanest of anyone, young or old, who had come through their office. There wasn’t any plaque anywhere, they asked if we flossed his teeth and I told them no.

Ok, so I took my grandson in this month [February], same thing like they thought it was a fluke, but my grandson’s teeth were still clean and clear. So then the Dr. commented to me and indirectly to the hygienist he had never seen a tooth remineralize before.

He also commented on my grandson’s upper front teeth – the ones he had broken when a baby, that the cavities had definitely been halted in them, they were now strong teeth howbeit still broken.

Thanks for all your help, it has truly been a blessing.


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