Dear Dr. Ellie: Hi- I have a friend who has a severe genetic disorder that causes her gums to recede. She has had surgery multiple times and is due for another round. Would Zellies make any difference for her?



Hi J,

I would love to hear more about why this problem is “genetic”.

There is a test to show which germs are in your mouth – it is called an Oral DNA test – and this may be very useful for her – if it has not already been done.

Periodontal disease was thought to “run” in families – but we now know that is spreads on toothbrushes and when people kiss and share food.
I would like to learn more.

If you want to start somewhere, I think Zellies and sufficient xylitol could be a huge help.
Most of all I would suggest using the Complete Mouth Care System

I have taken people who were about to have $6,000 worth of gum surgery and make them healthy again.
There are things she should avoid: any whitening products or peroxide, baking soda, drinking soda or acidic drinks, chewing gum with sorbitol and artificial sweeteners.

Hope this helps.
I offer telephone coaching help – http://www.DrEcoaching – and this may be useful for your friend.
Let me know,

Best wishes,

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