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Hi Dr. Ellie,
I so much appreciate the time you take in answering questions and how informative your blog is.

I started following your program about a month ago after my son (5 yrs old) had cavities and was given 2 crowns. I sure don’t want him to have to go through that again. He brushes and uses the act rinse. He won’t use the closys or listerine, even diluted. He doesn’t like the taste of either. I give him zellie gum as often as I can, which probably is not everyday. He loves the gum.

How do I know when and if it’s working for him? There were additional small cavities the dentist wanted to fill, but I wanted to give your system a chance first.  Do we have the dentist recheck after a few months? Or is there another way to tell or see a difference?

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Hi JB,

To stop disease and repair teeth they must be helped every day (ACT) and given the tools they need to repair (xylitol). This means good tooth cleaning and the use of enough xylitol each day.

(There is no need for the Closys and Listerine for baby teeth. These rinses are part of the system for teens and adult teeth. These rinses help to stop and reverse gum infection – which is rarely a problem for children.)

Preschool years are vitally important years for childrens teeth.
5 yeas of age is a very important year for your son, since he is about to erupt new adult molar teeth.
I am not so worried about baby fillings as the health of his brand new adult teeth – teeth that are supposed to last for the rest of his LIFE!!!

If you can improve the health of his mouth and protect his new teeth this year – your son will probably have beautiful teeth for ever.
YOU CAN DO THIS – but you will have to work hard!

The most important things to know:
1. 50% of your effort must be to get some Original Crest toothpaste and/or ACT rinse to his teeth every day and ALWAYS BEFORE SLEEPING AT NIGHT).

2. The other 50 % of your effort is to ensure your son has at least 5 grams of xylitol every day.
Below this amount WILL NOT WORK FOR REVERSING OR PREVENTING CAVITIES in a child with decay history!!!

How to get enough xylitol
Over the years I have come to the conclusion that the best way to get this amount is to use one teaspoon of xylitol in water – every day.
The best time to do this is probably first thing in the morning.

Put a teaspoon into a bottle of water and have your son drink this during the day – make it fun – this is a special ZellieWater drink.
It will not even taste sweet – you can dilute it as much as you like – it will still work.

This water will give him 4 grams of xylitol in multiple exposures.
The gum pieces will add another couple of grams ( each piece has one gram xylitol ) and together this habit will take you to an effective dose.
This way he will have somewhere between 5-10 grams a day – you should do this with him.

Last thing – remember the importance of a clean toothbrush!
Swish the brush head in Listerine ( this explodes the bacteria) then rinse under water ( this rinses the brush clean) and store the brush so that it will dry.

Please let me know how things work out.
Work HARD now – it will pay you back in the years ahead as you see your son’s beautiful teeth smiling at you!

Best wishes for a wonderful 2012,

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