Calcium Lactate to Xylitol?

Hi Dr. Ellie,

I was wondering if you have considered added calcium lactate to Zellies as a way to improve the remineralization of tooth enamel when used in conjunction with Xylitol? I’m basing that on the following article:

If that article is accurate, it seems like calcium lactate in Xylitol mints/gum would improve the effectiveness of the mints/gum and possibly offer an alternative to the ACT mouthwash (possibly toxic flouride) step in your Zellies oral health system?

What do you think? Is this something you have or will consider, or have you concluded it won’t help?
 – J

Hi Jeff,
Thanks for your suggestion.
I appreciate your idea and the fact that there many be several products ( probiotics etc) that could be potential combination “with xylitol”. Unfortunately in vitro experiments often do not produce the same effects in vivo or they have other unexpected effects.

As a clinician, rather than a researcher, I view studies with a “grain of salt”. My goal is freeing people from dental problems – not inventing a new wonder product. The main question in my mind is “does this work” – and “does this product give positive and sustainable results, in real life – year after year”.
I have tested my system and these specific products year after year – on myself, my patients, my employees, my family and then the public for decades before writing my book and selling Zellies.
This is MY personal recommendation after 40 years of being a concerned dentist.

In dentistry we have a myriad of products produced each year claiming and “tested” to show they do X and Y. Every dental office is “sold/told” that these products are better/ more effectively than some old fashioned product. Is this true? or is there some “other side of the coin” – with long-term problems or side effects that you only discover after months or years of use?

Crest Pro Health is a classic – with the terrible staining that it causes – yet free samples and recommendations are made in dental offices daily. Colgate Total with its Triclosan – leads too many mouth ulcers ( to say the least). Biotene is a disaster. Antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals would make my list endless – with temporary benefits and often unwanted “side effects” .

I KNOW that used year after year, pure xylitol and my system of rinses will help people enjoy healthy teeth. The purer the xylitol – the happier I am about incorporating it into my products.

I have looked closely at fluoride and of course it works very harmoniously with xylitol.
Dilute sodium fluoride, used as a rinse, cannot be compared with the toxic by-products in our water supplies nor the strong gels and pastes that dentistry often touts as a “cure”.
The mechanism of fluoride must be understood – and it is complicated – which is why I plan to give webinars on this subject soon – so stay tuned!

Best wishes and thanks for your suggestion,
Please keep in touch – I appreciate your feedback.

More information can be found on this topic and more at:

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