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Dear Dr. Ellie: I was just curious why is it you chose those products like the toothpaste and mouthwashes how come you don’t use closys toothpaste or biotene mouthwash which has xylitol in it I am just curious why.


Hi D,

I was checking emails and I think I did not reply to your questions.

The reason that I recommend the products that comprise My Complete Mouth Care System is because they work in harmony to stop dental problems, protect people from any new ones and often reverse the damage of gum disease and cavities. No other system that I know of can do that.

When you mix and match the products with other products ( that have different chemistry and ingredients) my 40 years of clinical searching has shown me – that these positive results are not achieved.

Sometimes it is things like glycerine, other times the chemicals or sometimes a lack of something.

Biotene is definitely NOT my suggestion and often it makes teeth more sensitive and stained – and the amount of xylitol is insufficient for the benefits of xylitol that you get with pure products and the method I recommend.

This is like making a cake – and I have given you ordinary ingredients but AN EXTRAORDINARY METHOD – use it and you WILL see the results!!

Hope this answers your question.

Sorry for the delay,

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