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Hi Dr Ellie,

The town we live in does not have fluoride in the water supply so the kids have gotten fluoride tablets from their pediatrician since they were very little. I remember you mentioning about the trouble with your first kids as a result of fluoride supplements. Their dentist has no input on the ingested fluoride and says to refer to their doctor for that. From our discussion today it seems that you would recommend the ACT over the supplements. Am I right? Thanks


Hi E,

There are two sides to this “topic” ( and remember people make $ from selling supplements!)

Here is a link to the ADA “traditional” writing on the topic and how effective it is to apply fluoride to the teeth directly:

“Topical fluoride inhibits the demineralization of sound enamel and enhances its remineralization.(12,13 ) When fluoride is absorbed by the enamel along with calcium and phosphate during the remineralization process, it establishes an improved enamel crystal structure that, in comparison with its state before mineralization, is more acid resistant and contains more fluoride and less carbonate.”

The rest of their article goes on and talks about the risks and benefits of supplements and this is posted here:

We know too much fluoride before age 3 can give permanent teeth defects and brown or white marks on the surface. Many dentists think supplements have benefits, but I believe we ingest plenty of fluoride from a variety of hidden sources ( it is in a lot of foods and drinks, teas and prepared foods ) so there is no need to use supplements these days. I don’t personally trust supplements nor have I ever recommended them.

Here is an interesting article you may also want to read ( This doctor discusses supplements very clearly and very well):

Hope this give your food for thought!

Dr. Ellie Phillips DDS
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