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Dear Ellie,

What is your opinion of Myofunctional Orthodontics?
I ask because we are thinking of addressing orthodontic issues our children have with a dentist offering this service.

It is very appealing as it has prevention at the heart of things similar to your own oral hygiene work. Here are some websites, , and

The Buteyko breathing method seems relevant here also.

I would be very interested in your opinion of any or all of this as I value same.

Best regards,


Hi M,

Orthodontics has recently incorporated a number of new approaches – which I am not an expert to discuss.  I was trained differently – and I have somewhat old-fashioned ideas about orthodontics.

Just like every other “business” once you commit to someone’s therapy – your choice will provide a long and lucrative revenue stream for the provider. I have seen children in braces for multiple years – and personally I am not at all convinced it was necessary. On the other hand, when you completely trust your provider, he or she may provide an expert and wonderful outcome – one that is stable and healthy for your child.

I cannot common on your children’s therapies, but I can suggest (in the way you asked me for my opinion) that maybe you seek a second opinion from another dentist in your area.
There are definitely more than two sides to the orthodontic coin – and you need to weigh some of the things they tell you.

In my humble opinion I would ask what happens if you wait a few years? also what is their “end point” – is it going to be stable – or will your child/children need to wear appliances for the rest of their lives?
These are important facts to consider.

Sorry not to be of more help,

More information can be found on this topic and more at:

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  • frank pizzi says:

    Dear ellie phillips;
    I’ve been following your routine, ever since i read your book kiss your dentist good-bye. I need your help right now, with a decision i need to make. I have a knotch on side of my molar on left side on bottom row, its kind of big. It was previously filled with a filling that’s white in color. It eventually came out, so i don’t have any filling in there now. When i first saw that it was out it looks like a hole and there was black in it, i take it that was debris. I don’t know if i should have it filled or not. If i don’t, will it fill from treatments of xylitol and flouride from crest. I’ll do whatever’s best for me. The reason i’m wanting your advice is because i’m following your ways, i believe you should advise in the right direction. Because i’m following you. Please help me, i want my teeth. Thank you

    • Those so-called “Class Five” fillings are difficult to fill – but once filled – they will not be able to heal naturally. Only unfilled cavities in this area can be completely reversed. You should try to budget and find a dentist who is part of the Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry. They will be expensive, but this dentist is trained how to do perfect white fillings – and that would really be the answer for you. Sadly there are only about 200 of these dentists in the United States and they are very under-appreciated. You could check their website and see if you have one near you.

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