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Hi, I’ve just been using your system for a week and a half now, and I love it!  Thank you!!  I do have 2 questions though.  I have gums that have receded quite a bit, and using the Listerine makes them feel like they are really receding – I can almost feel them doing just that after I swish!  I am trying to not brush too vigorously, but I wonder if that gum feeling is normal with using the Listerine and if it will go away.

My second question has to do with the acidity – I drink a large up of hot tea at my desk each morning and afternoon (black tea in the morning, green in the afternoon), and I am feeling guilty about the acid of the tea.  Would it be beneficial to put a spoonful of xylitol in the tea?  or would the acidity of the tea cancel out the beneficial effects of the xylitol?  I am not that crazy about eating mints or especially gum, but I do eat some granules after the cleaning system and sometimes after meals, though I need to be using more.  Thank you in advance for your help!
  – L

Hi L,

It is essential to use the correct toothpaste and to apply it to your gums and teeth before using Listerine. I only recommend the original Cavity Protection Crest.
In my opinion no other paste will work.

You need to apply this paste around the roots of your teeth – inside and out.
It is essential to brush correctly a little below the junction where your gums meet your tooth enamel.

Most people do not brush adequately at this place.
Most people focus on brushing their teeth and this means they do not massage their gums sufficiently with their toothbrush.

Personally I think battery/rotary brushes make this harder in some mouths – especially for people who have trouble getting their brushes in the back of their mouths.
I think you need to think carefully about HOW you brush and ensure you are reaching all around your gums with the Crest toothpaste.

Do NOT rinse the paste off your teeth – you need the residue from the paste to protect your teeth while you rinse with Listerine.
You can spit out any big glob of toothpaste, but don’t use any water rinse.
Providing you have the correct toothpaste, apply it around all the sensitive gum areas and do not rinse it off with water – then you should find this system is OK.
If you still feel some sensitivity, you may want to try diluting the Listerine with water, at least for a while.

The value of Listerine for your gum health is so great – you should really try to figure this out – let me know if you need more help.

Many teas are acidic, but the real problem for most of them is that they come from plants and leaves that contain phytates – a product that interferes with the protective coating that normally covers healthy teeth.
You need this healthy covering over your teeth and gums, particularly if you plan to repair and re-grow any damaged tooth or gum tissues.

The only tea I know that does not seem to have so much of this effect is ROOIBOS tea.
This is an organic tea made from a plant known a “red bush” from the Cape region of South Africa.

You may want to switch to try Rooibos tea and when you finish the drink, enjoy some xylitol or a tooth-protective food like a piece of cheese.
It is far more beneficial to have some xylitol after your drink, rather than putting xylitol into the tea.

If you need some extra help applying the system – let me know.
I have helped a number of people with gum recession, pocketing and other problems reach a wonderful conclusion.
Some of these clients needed to take a flossing holiday, stop using a water-pick, change their brushing habits or take pictures to show me what they are doing!

I believe every one of my coaching clients would say their half hour session was helpful and by talking together we found ways to make their recovery quicker and more complete.
Let me know if I can assist you in any way

Best wishes,

Dr.Ellie Phillips DDS

Solutions for Oral Health

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