Ingredients in the Complete Mouth Care System

Dear Dr Elle: Hello, I just have a couple of questions is using colgate total instead of crest with act alcohol free and act restore ( I usually buy one every 15 days and then the other) and trident gum good or would it be better to just get the pure xylitol, act alcohol free and crest?

Hello –
COLGATE TOTAL contains Triclosan – which reacts with chlorine in tap water to form chloroform. You may also want to read more about Triclosan before you put any more of this toothpaste in your mouth!

I suggest Crest Cavity Protection toothpaste. Obviously I do NOT recommend Colgate Total.

ACT restore is also a completely different formulation – and will not give you the same results as ACT anti-cavity rinse. The restore variety contains alcohol and a different concentration of fluoride.
It is more expensive than the regular ACT and is NOT recommended in my system.

Trident gum contains sorbitol which inactivates the benefits of xylitol. Trident does not contain enough xylitol to do any good. I recommend only products that contain 100 percent xylitol. You will usually find these in a health store or on line. Zellies are the best!

Hope this answers your questions.

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