Sorbitol and Xylitol

Dr. Ellie,

I appreciate the information as my daughter has Crohns disease and is extremely sensitive to anything diet as it causes as you stated a great deal of distress in her system. In conversations with co-workers I found out that toothpaste had Sorbitol in it which may help to explain how after surgery she is still somewhat symptomatic. We are concentrating on her diet and removing anything that may cause distress – I never thought toothpaste would be one of them. I researched “natural” toothpaste and found Xylitol was an ingredient and found your explanation very helpful and now feel better about providing a toothpaste with this in it…plus I cant find one without it and was confused as to what it was and if it would continue to cause distress.

Thank you again – very much appreciated!
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Dear P:

I do not recommend xylitol toothpaste. I have never found a xylitol toothpaste that I recommend.
If you want to brush with xylitol – that is OK – providing you do not already have fillings or cavities – in which case you will need more help.

I am sure that a pea-size amount of Crest original paste is far better than any “natural” kind. No one should be eating toothpaste. If you use the mouth rinse system that I recommend – the rinses will wash any “sorbitol” out of your mouth. The sorbitol I worry about is in chewing gums – because you are consuming it ( beware Trident and Orbit).

People with poor digestions benefit from small and continuous amounts of xylitol in their diet.
Xylitol ferments in the colon and provides the products necessary for healing the colon lining.
One great way to enjoy xylitol is to dissolve some in water – a full or half teaspoon in 16 oz of water – sipped slowly through the morning.

This will not taste any different – but it will provide a gentle amount of xylitol for your tooth and digestive health.

People with digestive problems often have poor quality saliva – so my system of mouth care is vital for them. Oral health is paramount if you have a weak immune system – the mouth is the start of the digestive tract – and you need to keep it healthy.

I hope this helps,
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