Remineralization of Teeth

Dr. Ellie, 

I talked with you last September. I am a natural health practitioner and an occupational therapist. Had braces in my teens, 3 root canals, gum surgery for gum recession. In my early 30’s radically changed my diet etc. and much better health has ensued. Last July my dentist noted 2 cavities in between teeth 18 and 19 ‘flossing cavities’…this is despite flossing at that point in time…he wanted to fill them…which the teeth already have small fillings in them on the biting surface….I found your info and started on it right away….we spoke on the phone in September prior to my appt to have the teeth filled and I decided to cancel my appt. I have continued your program faithfully and now almost 7 months later …my gums are the best they have ever been and my teeth feel stronger when chewing things like nuts etc. I no longer have the slight/mild sensitivity of the involved teeth that I was having in July prior to starting your program…those teeth if sugary foods touched them just wrong would be sensitive…that seems to have resolved. They are not sensitive to hot or cold. I was at the dentist this week for a cleaning….I had terrible staining which I was happy about as I knew things must be improving….it took the hygienist at least 60 min to clean my teeth…..when they x-rayed the teeth there was no significant change in my cavities…the dentist thought one might be slightly bigger but not significant the other had not changed….they scheduled me for fillings in April….I am obviously going to continue on your program but am wondering if these teeth may be too compromised…or if I just have not allowed enough time for things to begin to heal…I am more at peace knowing if I do have to get them filled my mouth is a much healthier environment to undergo that but I would love for them to heal on their dentist and hygienist are not optimistic and tell me there is no way they will heal…once thru the enamel and into the dentin cavities progress quickly…I have encouraged them to read your info but they don’t seem to be interested although they did brag on my gum tissue…that is the first time in my 41 years of life…so that is HUGE progress… and they told me to keep doing whatever it is I am doing as it seems to be helping..THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH for what you do and having you info accessible to people…it has been life changing for me….any thoughts you have on to wait a little longer or proceed would be appreciated…I realize you can’t tell me what to do but your thoughts would help.

Take care and Blessings in 2012


Hi MK,

In the first 6 months, xylitol gets to work inactivating plaque germs, making them slippery and stopping them reproducing.

If you started in September – then you have just completed this phase – phase one : STOP the progression of the disease.

Now you can start the process of natural healing.

Just like any other part of your body – healing is impossible if there is infection – no matter if it is your finger or a tooth.

This is why (without adequate amounts and frequency of xylitol) teeth cannot repair once the decay is into the dentin.

The germs are not killed by fluoride, or anything else – so without xylitol you cannot heal teeth that are into the dentin.

WITH my system of rinses and adequate (frequency and amounts of) xylitol – you CAN!!!

My suggestion is that you review the complete mouth care system again on my website- and ensure that you are using it correctly.

If you want to take a picture of the rinses and paste you are using – do that and send it to me to check – I am happy to do that.

50% of the healing is from the xylitol and 50% is from the CORRECT use of my system of mouth rinses with the CORRECT toothpaste.

You cannot use a brand fluoride or substitute Listerine etc.. Get it EXACT !!!

Last night I met a lady who said she was “on my system” but was not using the toothpaste ( she was not using any toothpaste) and she was using a brand fluoride (Equate).

I knew by looking at her teeth that she was NOT “on my system”.

Her teeth would have looked very different had she been following my instructions – that is how confident I am about what I teach.

DON’T mix and match the things I suggest with other products – like pro-enamel etc.

Using anything different will sabotage your progress!

You need to use the rinse routine twice a day – morning and night – or this process WILL NOT have the power to REPAIR THOSE TEETH!!!

THIS SYSTEM is the only way to heal these teeth – and once healed, you know in the future how to PROTECT them from damage.


I think you should take another 6 months of being fanatic about protecting your teeth.

Use Zellies mints after everything you eat or drink ( including tea)

Use the mouth rinses etc. twice a day, clean your toothbrush every day

Make sure to only snack on tooth-safe foods!!!

It will make a difference and then you will really be able to WOW your dentist at the end of the summer!!!

Best wishes,


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