Hi Ellie,

I have had so much teeth stuff in my life as well as my little girl, that I get a little fidgety about things. Since starting this program, I have not had any more dental work, except for a root canal from a previously deep cavity, however I keep needing to have the 6 month cleanings. I keep developing stains around some upper teeth at the gum line and some on the front of my lower 2 front teeth.

I love how my teeth feel good. Sometimes, since my recent pregnancy my teeth are a little sensitive. I have been upping the xylitol and am due for a cleaning in a few weeks.
 – A

Hi A,

We have recently discovered that staining is often linked to a tooth-brushing technique – actually a small flaw in your technique.

It may be that you are not brushing these areas enough – just because of your technique.

Start to think about how you brush.
Think about GUM BRUSHING – and then quickly end up with “tooth brushing”.

Try to make little circles with your toothbrush and go around your teeth at the gum line – very carefully.

Start in one corner of your mouth on the outside and work around.
Then go and work around the gums on the inside.

Maybe start with the uppers and then do the inside and out. Next do the lowers. Concentrate on places where you are getting the staining. Use a gentle, circular motion – not too hard and avoid using an electric brush – which often “bounces” over the important and difficult to reach spots.

People who have improved their toothbrush technique have suddenly found the staining stops.
It appears to change things very quickly – so let me know what you think.


Dr.Ellie Phillips DDS

Solutions for Oral Health

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  • Thanks for this comment about brushing! I never knew the importance until now of brushing method!

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