Retainers and using the ZELLIES CWT System

Dear Dr. Ellie,

I am 58 years old and have been using your system since getting braces last March. I have been very happy with the results, teeth are more opaque and stronger, gums are doing great, I get compliments on my hygiene from the orthodontist, less calculus buildup on teeth (though I do get some on the brace brackets themselves??). I feel I will see even better results when my braces come off, and that should be in a couple weeks. I do have a couple questions though.

Which type of retainer works best with your system? My orthodontist has recommended invisilign retainers to be worn 24/7 for a couple months then would try to taper off to nights only. Are the Hawley/metal retainers a better idea with your system? If I do go with the invisilign retainer, do you have any suggestions how to best use your system with them?

I am thrilled to have found your website. I have shared this information with family and friends and we all have benefitted from your advice. Thank you for your effort and willingness to get this information out there.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Hi WC,

The kind of retainer does not matter at all.
The only differences will probably be with the kind of xylitol you purchase.
Braces do not work with gum – but mints are fine – and the rest of the system will work with either.

I have always said that 50 % of the protection comes from adequate use of xylitol after eating and drinking, and the other 50% comes from the correct use of the mouth rinse system.
However, today I had a message from someone who has done some meticulous experiments on her own teeth.

She is convinced that it is 30% from xylitol use and 30% from twice daily system and the final 30% is from careful brushing with the Crest Cavity Protection toothpaste.
Once your braces are off this brushing will become easier for you.

Thanks so much for your message,
Please keep in touch,

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