Puffy Gums

Dear Dr. Ellie:

Hello I am a 37 year old Male…Went to the dentist for a \”Puffy\” spot on one section of my upper gum area and dental Pain.Was given a diagnosis to extract 3 teeth that are \”Broken\” also found about 8 fillings that need to be done, also one \”Healthy\” tooth with a Black spot in the X-ray that would need to be drilled out and either extracted or Root Canal-ed.Would your 30 day system plus Brushing/Rinsing techniques/ Xylitol help me? to avoid not have to go through with this procedure? As it is quite costly and Painful. I can probably have the X-rays E-mailed if that will be necessary?

-Thank you Sincerely
-M. in VA

Dear M.

Thanks for your message – this does sound bad doesn’t it.
I am sorry that you are in this situation and I would be happy to talk you through some options/ considerations/ non-treatment thoughts.

I have an incredible system to offer you – and it is easy, inexpensive and works in an amazing way.
BUT it is simply stimulating natural healing – so there are a number of things YOU have to DO to make it work!

Diet, exercise, rest, nutrition ( I mean supplements) and using xylitol and my system – will all be important if you are going to reverse disease.
If you smoke, drink, eat and drink a crazy diet etc. etc. I doubt that I can help you.

Let me know a bit more and if you are interested I will get some things together to help explain how this is going to work – what you should start with etc. I will GIVE you some of my time, my efforts and a system that I believe in – but I need YOU to implement it! Let me know what you are thinking and we can take this discussion from there.

I would love to help you,

More information can be found on this topic and more at: www.drellie.com

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