Healing Gums

I’d like to know if it’s possible to re-build worn out tooth enamel and heal receding gums naturally.
Thanks so much.


Hi C,

Most dentists and periodontists will tell you “no” there is no way to heal receding gums naturally.
With traditional methods I think you can only stop problems getting worse but rarely get reversal or healing.

The reason for this (I think) is that traditional therapies (flossing, brushing and surgeries- including scaling etc) do not deal adequately with the causes of the initial damage.

Imagine you have cut your finger and it gets infected. It cannot heal itself naturally until you get rid of the infection – completely. If the infection is still there, any amount of brushing or rubbing string over your finger will not get it to heal naturally! The first step (and essential for any natural healing) is to get rid of the infection and then let nature do its own job with the healing.

I believe that the only sustainable way to completely get rid of infection in the mouth and control plaque is with xylitol and my mouth rinse system. Once the infection has gone, you need to reduce the gum inflammation. This may need some attention to your nutrition, exercise regimens, adequate sleep, lifestyle etc.

Assuming you have good habits, then better toothbrushing (to massage the gums where gum and teeth meet) may be all the “extra help” you need. Don’t forget that a good diet for teeth includes sufficient protein ( for good saliva) and fermented foods ( like yogurt) and/or probiotics ( to encourage good bacteria).

If you think some personal coaching would be useful – I offer half hour sessions – where we can talk about all of this information together.

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