Calcium Phosphate

Dear Dr. Ellie:


I’ve just ordered your system for my wife and myself.

I’ve seen oral care products that have calcium and phosphate advertised.  Is there any advantage to using these also?

For instance <> and <> to mention a couple.


Dear C:
Most of these ‘remineralizing” agents are no more than dried milk powder!
If you eat whole dairy foods (cheese, yogurt, milk) then you should have plenty of calcium and phosphates in your diet.
Try to protect your teeth from acidity and dryness – this is far more important than using these (unnecessary) products.
I do not like to get between you and products that have been recommended by your health professional – but remember, these expensive products are expensive because the manufacturers spend a lot of money advertising to dentists! The ADA also holds the intellectual property patent on these products – so they get touted in dental circles all the time.
I suggest my system, a good diet, check your vitamin and mineral intake, rest, relax and keep your toothbrush spotless!
Thanks so much for your question. I would spend my money on some tasty European cheese to nibble – and not this expensive toothpaste/rinses!

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