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Hi Dr. Ellie, 

My 18 month old daughter just went to the dentist. I was concerned because of some spots on her teeth. I wipe her teeth down after every meal and brush her teeth every night in the tub with training toothpaste. She is still nursing during the day and frequently at night. Our dentist told me that she required four crowns for her four front teeth and he blamed nursing for it. I then spoke with a holistic doctor who told me that tooth decay in baby teeth is reversible. I want to try everything I can before I subject her to major oral surgery. I was hoping you could help me out. We recently started using Coral White Toothpaste with xylitol (after every meal and before bed), Bamboo silica, Flaxseed oil, coconut oil and coconut milk. The holistic doctor also recommended colloidal silver spray. I have read your recommendations online about rinsing her mouth with xylitol after meals and will begin that as well. Also cleaning her toothbrush after every use. Can I use ACT mouthwash on an 18 month old? I would really like to get a second opinion from a dentist, but would like to see if we can reverse some of her tooth decay first. How long until we see some effect? How will I know if it is working? Would you be able to recommend a dentist in the El Paso area? Is there anything else that I should be doing? Please let me know if there is anything else that I can do. We are willing to do anything.
Thank you so much.

Hi D,
Xylitol is most effective when it is used in adequate amounts and when you have enough frequency of use.
Multiple applications are needed – don’t rely on the toothpaste (and I have no experience of this paste – why does it say white? No baking soda or peroxide I hope).
I suggest lots of xylitol exposures – a 1/8th teaspoon granular xylitol after meals, or in water as a drink – Zellies fruit mints – it does not matter.
My daughter dips a toothbrush into the xylitol granules and my grandson sucks the brush for his “xylitol”
Since you have spots that need to remineralize I suggest some ACT bubblegum rinse – used on a toothbrush – and brushed on these teeth.
The xylitol helps to heal deeper layers of the tooth and ACT heals the outer layer – the skin of the tooth.
I recommend ACT  for kids when they have damaged teeth or white spots.
You need the ACT or you will not get quick enough healing to prevent this damage
I do NOT agree that nursing is the problem. Cavities are a bacterial disease – and the problem is that your daughter has picked up this disease – from someone in the family or a caretaker/babysitter.
ALL the family must start using xylitol and realize that cavities are a transmissible infection.
The breast milk just happens to be full of great and healthy sugars for the baby – but nasty cavity bacteria also love breast milk – and grow on it.
Xylitol will wipe out these harmful bacteria in about a month – so have your daughter wipe he teeth, sip and enjoy xylitol – then the breast milk  WILL NOT HARM THE TEETH!!!@!!
Hope this helps,
Yes, you can reverse the cavities – once you have stopped the infection.
xylitol- xylitol – xylitol.
Let me know if you have any other questions,
Best Wishes,
Dr. Ellie Phillips DDS
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