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Dear Dr. Ellie:
I am so happy to stumble across your work– I knew there must be something I could do to help heal my super sensitive teeth. My problem is anything sweet results in severe tooth pain turning into severe headaches. I have had to stop eating all fruit– so I cannot figure out how I can use the xylitol without really severe pain. I am hoping you have some advice for me– thanks so much for your work. 



Hi A

I would like to know a bit more about your tooth sensitivity so I could tailor a specific answer for you.

For a quick response – I would advise that you put xylitol crystals into water and sip this between meals.

I would also put you immediately on my complete mouth care system of rinses with the EXACT products that I recommend.

The only variance would be that you could dilute the Listerine 50% with water – until the sensitivity goes away.

Make sure if you use the rinses – do not interspace with water between the rinses!!

Go from Closys to brush – rinse the toothpaste off with the Listerine and then immediately to the ACT rinse.

Do this twice a day – no more. !!! Go on a flossing holiday.

Get started with a good diet of Omega-3 foods, and fermented whole milk dairy ( like organic yogurt) with fresh pineapple mixed into the yogurt.

A probiotic may also be helpful. This dietary information is to help you GROW a protein/healthy bacteria layer over your teeth – to help heal the gums and teeth.

DO NOT use any peroxide or baking soda – in any kind of product!!!

In about two or three days you will probably be able to start using Zellies xylitol gum and mints. 

Let me know if you would like some more individualized help – I offer personal coaching from

Thanks for your message,

Dr. Ellie Phillips DDS
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  • Ruthie D. says:

    Let me just add my .03 cents. I had very sensitive teeth–so much so that cold wind would make me cringe. I could not drink cold water at all. Sugar drove me up a wall. I started Dr Ellie's system and within a week, I wasn't sensitive anymore. After a few months, I tried Sugar babies caramel candy and it is fine! Caramel used to make me cringe. So give it a shot and see how you feel. I'm a true follower.

  • Hello Dr. Ellie!I liked your blog. This is a very helpful post where the patient can easily find a solution for their problem.Thank you Dr. Ellie for this help.

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