Rinsing Between Mouth Wash

Hi Ellie,
When do you rinse with water?
Between each time you use a product or do you not rinse at all?
I’m not clear…
Thank you,
NO – You do not rinse at all !!!
You go from Closys to brushing ( after you spit the Closys out, of course).
Brush all around and over your teeth.
Spit out the big glob of toothpaste – (but DO NOT rinse with any water).
Use Listerine to rinse the toothpaste off your teeth – ( use vigorous rinsing with this liquid ‘cos it is liquid flossing!!)
Then spit out the Listerine and immediately rinse with the ACT.
This will make you want to say “ahhh -that feels good”.
Let the ACT “soak” into your teeth for a minute – spit out, spit out again and maybe even a third time.
BUT………. NO water – NO rinsing – one step of this system leads directly into the next.
Hope this answers your question,
Dr.Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health

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