Electric Tooth Brushes

Dr. Ellie,

Can you tell me your opinion of electric toothbrushes and whether one could use them with your mouth care system?

I’d very much appreciate hearing your thoughts on them.
Hi CH,
Research shows that it does not matter what kind of brush you use – a manual brush can be just as effective as any rotary/electric one.
The most important thing about a toothbrush is that you disinfect it each day – ( in Listerine) rinse out and store it so it can dry between uses. Never store under a cover or in a bag.
Keep toothbrushes away from the toilet area of a bathroom – at least 6 feet away from a toilet – since this plumes bacteria all around during a flush. I often recommend that brushes are stored in a bedroom window – or maybe your toothbrushing routine is transfered to a kitchen area.
The last thing to remember is that gum disease bacteria transfer from person to person during a kiss or when sharing food. Adults need to realize this when they cuddle children – and be concerned if they are passing gum disease germs to the next generation.
So – the story of toothbrushes is not about the kind you have, nor the action that you use – but how well your toothbrush is maintained! I offer a box of 25 toothbrushes on my website. These Zellies brushes are terrific – and only $25 for the box full! http://www.zelliescleanwhiteteeth.com/p-188-pack-of-25-count-tooth-brushes-.aspx
This way you can throw your brushes away when you travel and change them often – because they cost so little. There is also an antibacterial toothbrush called the Mouthwatchers brush – which is antibacterial – and that is an interesting brush that I endorse also.
Hope this answers your question,
Dr.Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health

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