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Dear Dr. Ellie Phillips,
My doctor has recommended I start your Complete Mouth Health Care System.
I have looked at your website and read the information about the system and I have two questions:
Since my dentist has for years strongly recommended I floss between my teeth at least once a day, I’m wondering why you do not recommend flossing and what your opinion is of it.

     I look forward to your reply.
Hi C,
The products and method that I recommend are specifically designed to help people achieve total oral health.
To me, this means a mouth condition where your teeth teeth and gums remain healthy and comfortable, year after year.
My concern is far beyond teeth – I worry about the impact of teeth and gums on general health.
I work very hard to stop inflammation in the mouth – since that can damage other parts of your body.
I have always argued that if your gums bleed and if you have a gum infection or inflammation – the last thing you want to do is floss the germs deeper into gum tissues.
The use of the protocol I recommend will get rid of the infection and inflammation in your gums and the plaque on and around your teeth.
When you develop a healthy mouth chemistry (with regular use of sufficient xylitol) this will keep your teeth and gums healthy and protect them.
You have to ask yourself why you are flossing.
If you are trying to improve the health of your gums with floss it most likely will not work. My system most certainly will work if it is used exactly and correctly.
If you are getting bits of food out from between teeth after eating – then flossing gently should be no problem.
Ardent flossers, with no gum disease, can certainly continue flossing.
The best time to do this is before using the system – before the Closys step.
Ensure that you do not use a water rinse between the steps, ensure that you keep your toothbrush disinfected and also that you have a good place to store it – away from the toilet.
Dental disease is preventable – and I coach people to ultimate oral health.
If you would like more information and discuss flossing and extra ways to improve your mouth health  – I would be delighted to help you.
The prices for my telephone coaching programs are listed at my website:
Thanks again for your message,
Best wishes,
Dr.Ellie Phillips DDS
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