Coaching Client Testimonial

A recent testimonial from a Dr. E Oral Health Coaching Client:

“I have been on the clean white system since April. At the time I had moderate periodontal disease with 4-6mm pockets all over. I had SRP in June/July.. In April I was told I had many cavities. Today I was told I had 3 tiny cavities under old fillings. I was also told that my mouth looked really healthy and my pockets were 4mm or less. I am happy and more committed to the system. They would like to keep me on three month recall for a bit longer, but I am not as worried as I once was. Dr. Ellie personally screened local dentists for me and helped me to be a better informed, empowered consumer and patient. One thing Dr. Ellie said that really felt amazing was this: ‘You are getting the knowledge to change your life and health (not only oral health), as well as that of your family, forever.’ I believe this to be true especially since oral health is tied to so many other aspects of overall health.”  – Sandra S.


You don’t have to feel alone in your quest for improved oral health for you and your family. Dr. Ellie is here to be YOUR oral health coach. To act as a reference and guide– with the latest in preventative oral health and natural care for your teeth. Before you spend unnecessary money and time at the dentist, schedule a private oral health coaching session with Dr. Ellie:

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