Xylitol Rinse

Hi Ellie,

Question…what are your thoughts on the Spry oral rinse? I bought one just to try it out. The ph of the solution is acidic but after using it the ph of the mouth is very basic. But listerine does the same for me as well.


Hi R,

I was offered the opportunity to private label xylitol rinse and toothpaste.

I declined to do this.

The most recent research shows that xylitol rinses and toothpaste do not offer the preventive effects of the mints, gum and granular. I am not surprised.

I think the rinse is not a good product – and I think the toothpaste is too abrasive.

I continue to suggest one specific oral care routine – which works like a charm for everyone who uses it!

Thanks so much for your interest and comments.

Best wishes,


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