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Hi Dr. Ellie,
I have read your book and purchased all of your products, including the 25 toothbrushes. I have told a number of patients/friends and relatives about your philosophy and recommendations. I applaud them whole-heartedly. I have personally been implementing your program and with excellent results.
My question:  I cannot find in your book or website actual detailed  toothbrushing directions. I have all of these brushes, but don’t know how to use them to maximum benefit.  I have been using my electric toothbrush, but want to switch to the Zellies toothbrushes.  Where are DETAILED instructions for using the brushes? (I thought directions would accompany the brushes, but they did not.)
I would very much appreciate a response.
Many Thanks,
SU, M.D.
Hi SU,
Thanks so much for your message.
There are two questions I am often asked – 1) what about the toothbrushing technique, and 2) what about flossing……??
My system was initially designed when I was working with patients who were disabled and unable to brush or floss.
The results they achieved JUST WITH RINSES – were incredible – far better than people who were brushing and flossing with wrong products!
I think it is good to “massage” gums – and I like the protection that the toothpaste offers to your enamel before rinsing with the Listerine.
The place to brush is the line where the gum and the tooth join – on the outside and inside of teeth.
You just need to make sure you are high enough “up” on the top arch and “low” enough down on the inside of the bottom teeth.
I do not have any specific instructions besides this.
With a pre-rinse of Closys to protect you, and a Zellies brush – don’t be too concerned about techniques – have fun!
I do not prescribe  “modified Bass”  or “45% angle etc, etc…” – 
Most patients who worry about this actually never get out of the periodontist’s chair.
Many people with mouth acidity are blamed for incorrect toothbrushing – and never alerted that they have mouth acidity. The groove that mouth acidity causes LOOKS like you brushed the wrong way – but honestly the real problem was acidity – not brushing.
I believe it is more important to disinfect your toothbrush EVERY day – swish in Listerine, rinse out and allow to dry between uses. Store your toothbrush away from other people – who may have gum disease – and also away from any toilet areas of the bathroom.
I can tell you hundreds of people have gum surgery and cleanings every day in the US – and few are even asked how they store their toothbrushes. This is crazy when you think how the bristles get infected and spread bacteria.
Using my specific system will improve your oral health.
Adequate amounts of xylitol loosen plaque so that it literally “falls” off teeth – and the rinses will do a great job making this happen even better.
Hope this explains why there are no specific instructions!
Best wishes,
Dr.Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health

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