Older Mouths: Dental Care

Dear Dr. Ellie:

Just found your site. Am 75 yr young woman, without money for dental care…no insurance…just had lots of new cavities at exposed roots due to receding gums…need lots of new work…have always taken good care of my teeth. My question is, is your program specifically for older mouths like mine, or is there more that can be done by people like me. Thanks for what seems to be good work!


Hi K,

This is a great program for anyone of any age. With years, we become more prone to dry mouth – and women often have acidic saliva (made worse by mineral deficiencies or stress).

Xylitol will help a lot – but it would be fantastic if you can get to using my complete mouth care system. My Mom is 90 and puts a teaspoon of xylitol into water to sip during the morning every day – to keep her teeth sparkling and clean!

Here is a link to the complete mouth care system:


Please let me know if you have any other questions or comments,

Best Wishes,


Ellie Phillips, DDS

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