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Hi Dr. Ellie!

I know you carry your own line of toothbrushes, but I have been using this three-sided tooth brush now for almost 20 years (not the same one!) The toothbrush is called “dentrust”. It cleans all exposed surfaces of your teeth and gums all at the same time, and the bristles are made out of something that is softer than nylon. It’s so much faster and efficient than normal style tooth brushes, that I can never stand to go back to normal brushes, or even electric. I was wondering if you had heard of these brushes, or can comment on the design? I don’t know why these brushes came off the store shelves a long time ago, but they are still being sold online, and the dentist who invented them, Dr. Nipp is still practicing in Seaside, Oregon. So I guess what I am asking is, since you being very intelligent and innovative doctor, what you thought. Thanks for your help!

Here’s their website:

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Hi RJ,
This brush is interesting – and may be good.
I have asked for a couple to be sent to me – so I can try them.
I don’t think brushing is as important as dentists have believed all these years – it is more about the whole mouth biochemistry and infection – rather than scrubbing and brushing.
I like the concept of this brush and also the product description – I will let you know!
Just be careful to disinfect your brush often – and store it far away from any toilet area.
Tooth brushes must dry between uses – bacteria die when they dry.
Thanks again for introducing me to this brush,
Dr. Ellie Phillips DDS
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  • Julie says:

    Dr. Ellie, my daughter has had extensive teeth issues at a very young age. We of course were asked what our family's habits were and we have always been diligent with our oral hygiene (as much as you can with a toddler.) We were introduced to the Norwex Silvercare Toothbrush. The bristles are made of a super-fine microfiber and silver is embedded in it. Silver, apparently is anti-microbrial, and over a 24 hour period kills all the bacteria in the toothbrush. I have read testimonials of "red flag" areas that dentists were watching went away, those prone to strep throat no longer got it, etc. Since I began consulting for Norwex (love all of their chemical free products) we began using the silvercare toothbrush. I wondered what you thought of it? We also have begun using your rinsing system. We have spent almost $6,000 on our daughter's baby teeth and REFUSE to do so with her permanent teeth so will do anything and everything to make sure all is well.Thanks,Julie

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    I believe it is very important to understand that cavities are caused by bacteria – and this is a disease. Parents need to know that they transfer bacteria when they kiss their children – spouses, parents and grandparents transmit periodontal disease to each other too. I believe that families need to address their oral health as a group.The entire family needs to use xylitol in some way – every day.Parents must teach children how to clean their toothbrushes and store them safely – away from the toilet areas of bathrooms.I think silver-impregnated toothbrushes are a good idea – but swishing the head of your brush in Listerine and allowing it to dry between uses works great.Thanks for the information – this kind of brush may be a resource for some people who travel, or for students etc who may need the extra help from silver!

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