Water and Xylitol

Dear Dr. Ellie: 

I drink lots of water daily and would like to know if I should eat a xylitol mint after each time or is it when I drink something other than water and have something to eat.
 – A
Dear A:
It may be useful to check the acidity of the water you are drinking – it may surprise you to find that some water is very acidic!
If your water is acidic – you need to protect your teeth when you drink it – just like anything acidic.
Evian and Fiji waters are alkaline ( their pH is usually 7.2-7.4 and is probably noted on the label or website)
Your teeth will benefit from alkaline water.
Another idea is to put a small amount of xylitol crystals into the water that you drink.
This can be sipped during the day – so that you consume 1-2 teaspoons over the course of the day.
Xylitol added to water is very useful to do if you have gum disease or gum inflammation – it is very cleansing and healing for the mouth.
Older adults will usually benefit from using xylitol in water in this way.
Thanks so much for your question,
Dr. Ellie Phillips DDS
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