Reducing pH in the Mouth

Hello doctor,
I was wondering how I could reduce the pH of my mouth after having food without actually brushing after every meal. I know I can reduce the pH of my mouth by using mint tabs and chewing gums, but I wanted to use something more natural. Could you please tell me about some natural substances that can be had after having a meal so as to reduce the pH of the mouth. For instance, I think dried peppermint leaves will do the trick. Am i right?


Dear RG
Anything that alkalizes your mouth will work to protect teeth at the end of a meal.
One fun idea is to get yourself some pH testing paper and do your own research on what works in your mouth.
My general recommendations are to end meals with some dairy ( cheese, yogurt) or fresh vegetables ( celery, broccoli) or nuts.
There are many other surprising options – test a strawberry or raspberry in your mouth – and chances are it will make your mouth alkaline.
(Raspberries have xylitol in them!!)
Xylitol is another great idea.
A few crystals of xylitol on your tongue will alkalize your mouth – and at the same time they will reduce plaque germs ( which may be growing and multiplying at the end of a meal).
Xylitol offers multiple benefits.
Here are two links to pH testing: The first describes why etc.
Here is a downloadable booklet:
Let me know if there are any other questions I can answer about this.
Thanks for your interest,
Dr. Ellie Phillips DDS
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