Coconut Oil, and a Testimonial

Hello Dr. Ellie,

I’m very grateful to have found your website and your method of tooth/gum recovery.  My challenge was good old menopause – I’m a healthy 53-year-old woman and I’d noticed in the last year my mouth was always uncomfortably dry, especially at night.

Then I started having bad breath in the morning and about three months ago, it seemed all of a sudden I could see lots of tartar and what looked like gum disease (red line at gums of back molars).

I’ve always been taught to immediately brush and floss after eating anything, don’t hardly eat sugary foods or soda, and am very healthy otherwise, so this was a shock.

My partner and I decided to start your program six weeks ago. I must say the results have been excellent so far. The angry red lines are gone and all that visible tartar is gone too. I put xylitol in my water and sip it all day and at my bedside table too, which has relieved the night dryness. It makes my mouth feel slippery and I feel very well hydrated.

About 3 weeks ago I did notice brown staining (dead plaque) especially on the back upper molars. It looked like a very dirty coffee cup back there. I did try one thing that I didn’t see mentioned anywhere on your site but had seen elsewhere. About five days ago, I gently brushed my teeth (with the softest bristled toothbrush I could find) with virgin coconut oil and took about 5 minutes.

I did not use pressure and kept replenishing the coconut oil so the toothbrush was constantly saturated.
This removed probably 2/3 of the staining. There are just a few spots here and there, mostly between teeth. I would like to continue this every week or so as it seemed really gentle.

Now I have very white teeth again as an added bonus. But the next thing I noticed, just a few days ago, is that my teeth appear smaller. I didn’t measure specifically before and after so this is my opinion only. I just know that especially my front bottom teeth used to appear very long and the gums had definitely pulled way back from the teeth over the last few years.

Now the gums appear to have come up over the teeth! The gums are now more straight across the teeth instead of deep circles around them. I was an avid brusher and flosser but with your advice have cut back to 2 times a day brushing and just flossing rarely, like if there is something really stuck. Changing this habit, plus having that yucky plaque die off, and maybe also being cleaned off by the coconut oil seems to have caused my gums to come back to a more normal (younger!) position.

Again, thank you so much! I’m sure you’ve heard this again and again, but I am so grateful. To feel my health coming back – this is helping take a huge weight off my shoulders. My whole family is enjoying this program and is benefiting as well. You’re one fabulous person!

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  • Anonymous says:

    So, is brushing with virgin coconut oil okay?

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    I think sporadic brushing with this product – using a gentle action may help to get rid of stains.I would only suggest doing this – maybe once every 6 -12 months.Too much of this may disrupt the healthy "pellicle" is my concern.

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