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Hello Dr. Ellie

I would just like to thank you for all the help and advice that you have given me over the past months. If I could ask a further question I would be grateful.

My 9 year old daughter is currently on an abridged aspect of your system – CloSys, toothbrushing with the most suitable children’s toothpaste I could find (she is very hypersensitive to certain tastes and can’t tolerate the minty-ness in colgate), Flourigard along with as much Xylitol that we can get into her during a day, both in granular form and dissolved in her beaker. My guess is that she gets at least 5 exposures of xylitol a day.

She has recently been told she has 3 cavities (one existed prior to starting the programme and is deeper than the others). We feel we are obviously doing something wrong as she has these. We are looking to address aspects of her diet that might be a contributing factor. She is a mouth breather when asleep as well.

The dentist has put some fluoride paste on them for now and wants to see her again in 3 months. He has also recommended that we don’t use Fluorigard after brushing but instead get her to rinse with it during the middle of the day, as he says that the toothpaste should not be washed off the teeth.

From what I understand, the Fluorigard is not what is healing the teeth, the xylitol is. The fluoride just helps to strengthen them. Can you help me to make some sort of sense out of this advice and also if you have any further advice of what we can do to help our daughter.

We feel this is particularly important as she has an absolute terror of any medical intervention and it took the dentist almost an hour to perform a basic 5 minute check up. If she needs fillings he wants to refer her for a general anesthetic!!

Many thanks


Hi GK,
Healing is a combination of the use of a dilute fluoride rinse and also xylitol. These two work synergistically. I would like to see her going to bed after using my complete mouth care system – or at least using Closys – then brush with the Fluoriguard. I would not use any paste that is not Crest regular. I don’t trust any of them.
Make sure she uses xylitol to take away any acidity after eating or drinking. What is her favorite drink? Make sure if it is anything like juice or is acidic – that it is only at mealtimes – and between meals she only drinks water with xylitol in the water.
If fluoriguard is the last thing on her teeth before going to bed at night – then mouth breathing will DRY the rinse residue into the holes in her teeth – and help them heal while she is sleeping. This is when you turn mouth breathing into a bonus!!!!
Within 3 months – if you are really, really serious about this, you could heal these teeth.
Anyone with whom she shares food or people she may be kissing must also be on this program. Clean your toothbrushes every day – in Listerine – rinse out and allow to dry. Very important to break the chain of transmission.
It is really quite simple to reverse cavities – but it is like a bank account. You must make more xylitol deposits into the account during the day – than debits from mouth acidity. Juice, soda, lemonade, iced tea etc are all very acidic. Counteract any moments of acidity with xylitol and then use dilute fluoride rinsing – to tip the balance in your favor!! You should be able to reverse these.
Involve your daughter – you need her cooperation and for her to understand what is going on. Cod liver oil/ fish oil is supposed to be very helpful to stimulate healing – and maybe some whole milk organic yogurt.
Hope this helps.

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