Question: Tooth Whitening

Hi Dr. Ellie,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!!!

I wanted to ask you if you agree with Zoom Tooth whitening?

You said that if it was done that you would recommend a person doing it once with a more expensive process.

I look forward to hearing your response.

Warmest Regards,


Hi DC,

I suggest that people use my system of natural remineralization and tooth-strengthening for a period of time before doing any whitening procedure.

All whitening systems weaken and damage teeth – no matter how good they are.

Weak teeth always look darker and more yellow in color – so it does not make sense to “whiten/bleach” damaged teeth.

We need to strengthen them first and see if the color improves naturally as they harden.

Once you have ensured your teeth are as healthy as possible – if you are still unhappy with the color of your teeth – then I suggest asking a trusted dentist what they consider the safest and best way to bleach teeth.

New technology is always evolving.

I am aware that most dentists are unhappy with many whitening systems and understand they do not work, and can be very damaging.


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