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I was referred to you by a friend that has been using your system for 6 months or so. She has seen improvement in her daughters teeth. I was just casually chatting with her about my experience at the dentist yesterday. I rushed my daughter, age 7, in because I could see a cavity on her tooth. I was hoping it was a stain, but it’s not. It’s a hole! She does brush and floss and does not even like sweets. There may be some other things going on with her as well. We have been battling an ongoing constipation problem. It is very bad. The Dr has her on a strict regime of miralax. (which is usually mixed with juice) I was thinking the juice may be our culprit here. Then I found out she has chocolate milk, everyday, at lunch, because the white milk tastes bad.

On monday we are to go in to the dentist and have her tooth filled or pulled! I am horrified about this. She also needs braces. the dentist says we need to get with the orthodontist about putting in a spacer if they have to pull the tooth. I don’t want her tooth pulled. Then they have discussed pulling the other teeth! 8 cavities and pulling teeth scares me.

They have recommended her brushing with pronamel, and rinsing with colgate phos-flur. 

How much of a cavity is too much for your system to work?

If I must have them fill the one tooth, what should I look at for treatment of the others?

I am on my way out the door right now to purchase the items to get started on the system.

I don’t dare sit in that dentist chair right now. I’m due for a cleaning, but feel I may need to be on the system for a while so they don’t degrade me anymore. I feel like a terrible parent for “letting” my daughter get 8 cavities. I do, however, think there may be some more to the story as far as the good and bad bacteria goes. Maybe the reason for her digestive issues?

Thank you for any information.

Hi J,
OK –
Get started with xylitol as soon as you possibly can.
Granular xylitol added to water – Zellies mints or gum after every meal or snack.
Stop the juice or soda between meals – only during a meal is OK.
You should ask in a health food store about probiotics for constipation.
Probiotics will probably work in one weekend – and then you can stop with the awful mirilax.
The reason her intestines are not working is that the digestive system is unbalanced – use probiotics (and that DOES NOT MEAN YOPLAIT!!!!)
If you cannot afford probiotics – the get some ORGANIC WHOLE MILK yogurt – ( Stonyfield is good) – plain or vanilla and add some xylitol to this.
END every meal with some xylitol.
A one pound bag of xylitol is only $10 – and it is a life saver for teeth.
ACT – bubblegum or mint – from Target – rinse often – often and spit out.
CREST original toothpaste – NOTHING else.
Clean your toothbrushes – every day !!! 
Swish is some Listerine, rinse out and allow to dry.
EVERYONE in the family MUST GET on this program.
This is a transmissible germ – a transmissible disease – kissing and sharing food spreads cavity bacteria from mouth to mouth…….
Help your kid – get on this program and make all the adults in her life get on this too!!!!
Most dentists are in a huge hurry to do work – YOU may be able to slow this down – but I am not sure how bad these teeth are.
Can you get a picture of them?
Dr. Ellie Phillips DDS

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