Using the System for 4 Months

Greetings Dr. Ellie!

I’ve been using your system for about four months, and it seems to be helping my teeth and mouth a lot. I am very grateful for your advice. For many years I wondered about why we aren’t trying to get at the root of the problem and get rid of caries bacteria from our mouths, and your system, amongst other things, seems to do just that. 

I have a couple comment/questions. Your system, while effective, is still painful, just like going to the dentist. Listerine is the nastiest tasting stuff on the planet, and ACT leaves a very unpleasant fake sugar after taste in the mouth, that even follows through to the morning, where it changes into somehow even worse chemical taste. Is there some way you can come up with system or new products that aren’t so horrible tasting and without the extra nasty chemicals and sorbitol sugars? Also, I am wondering if Closys does really release chlorine dioxide into the mouth, if there are no acids for it to react with, and if it doesn’t release chlorine dioxide should I, or could I supplement my routine with a mouth wash that is guaranteed to contain chlorine dioxide? 

Again, thanks so much for your long needed system of oral care, it is the best thing I’ve come upon in ages! I will continue to use it even if it tastes bad and is filled with chemicals! I am getting rid of that caries bacteria, and other yucky stuff! And also trying to maintain the healthy pellicle, remineralize, etc, etc….


Hi RJ,
Thanks so much for your interest in my system – and for the confidence to use it !!( despite your aversion to these products- which I understand completely).
My question to you would be “what are your personal mouth problems – do you have issues with your gums and/ or teeth?”.
My system and this precise method was put into cyberspace so that it would be available for anyone interested.
My attempt here has been to try an help universally – to give a simple system that can help anyone – especially those who cannot afford dental treatments or anyone who is paying a fortune to visit dentists and wondering “why” or “when will it end?” My book explains the chemistry and biology – and why certain things harm teeth – and why certain products help.
I was motivated because I was tired of the institution of dentistry being focused on the repair of disease.
When I began my book and internet mission (ten years ago) there was no other dentist talking about risk for disease or ways to interrupt transmission of dental disease.
I wanted to save children and adults from tooth and gum damage. 
I believe that no filling is safe or desirable and that no disease is tolerable in the mouth.
Each part of my system is targeted at specific problems. 
By getting people to use my entire system I can help anyone with gum or tooth issues – even if I don’t get to meet or talk with them at all!
When used in its entirety, this system will target both gum and tooth problems.
There are certainly other things that benefit beyond these rinses – things like reducing stress, probiotics, alkalizing foods, elimination of nasal breathing problems, GERD etc..etc..
It may be that you only have need for part of the program – and not all of it.
You may need to focus on some of this side products that benefit you in a different way ( xylitol nasal spray etc).
There may be modifications that you can make with nutrition and supplements that could help you avoid using all these products.
I am happy to consult with you personally and try to determine exactly which part of my system is most essential for you.
I also feel that you should have some tests done perhaps to be sure that you target the correct bacteria for health and are successful – if you choose to use another method.
If you would like to arrange a time to talk about this – please let me know.
Otherwise I do not know what to advise.
I do not know enough about your personal chemistry, diet or lifestyle.
Yes, I WISH I had one simple miracle cure – xylitol is almost this – but if you have damaged teeth, or gum disease, I do not believe that xylitol is enough to reverse the issues by itself for an adult.
I hope this is helpful – please let me know if you would like to talk more.
PS – you can eat a little bit of pure xylitol after using the rinse at night if this helps (- to get rid of the taste of the ACT)
Try a Zellies mint perhaps on your way to bed!
Stick with the Closys unless you decide for us to consult in detail. It truly is a fantastic product for preventing and healing gum problems.
Don’t add any flavor – and you can use less if you are finding it expensive.
Maybe in 6 months you could treat yourself to a holiday from the Complete Mouth Care System – for say a weekend or week!
If you do, you must let me know and send me an e-mail or postcard!!
Most people can’t wait to get back on the system – but it would be fun to hear your comments!
Best Wishes,
Dr.Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health

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